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GRYN LED Teeth Whitening Kit

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Like it

I used the peroxide one before and it ruined my gums so tried this one. Was just as effective in whitening my teeth but without the pain and harm caused by the peroxide. I need some more gel!

Lisa Hunter

Better than others

It seems to work a lot better than previous kits ive bought. With this one i could really tell after 4/5 uses

Vicki McCleod

Bought for my daughter

I bought this for my daughter for her birthday. Wanted one that didn’t include actual bleach but worked well. Her teeth have gone up 4 shades on the shade guide. Only negative she’s run out of gel and you don’t see individual gel tubes!

Suzanne Forbes


Saw instant results and loved it, will definitely continue using Gryn!!

Hollie Fretwell


I have been using the Teeth whitening kit for over a year now and the results are great. I can definitely tell when I haven’t used it.

Charity Kingston

really good quality for the price

works really well and you can pay 5 times the price for the same product elsewhere, would definitley buy another

Tamina Kauser

Good for stain removal

I had stains from when i used to smoke and from coffee and found this helped in removing them gradually

Stacy Morris

Seeing results

Been using it a week now and my teeth are definitley looking a lot whiter.

Rob Edwards

Instantly Whiter

I have been using this product since Sunday and people are already asking where I have had my teeth whitened.

Ashleigh Maddison


I drink 20 cups of tea a day so wanted to try get rid of stains on my bottom teeth and after 10 days the stains have nearly vanished. Great Xmas present for my cousin too :-)

Sophie Myer